Lucy Sam (She/Her)

Energy Healer, Transformative Coach & Private Yoga Teacher

Lucy holds an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology, is a transformative life coach, energy healer, Reiki Master, Shamanic drum healer and private yoga teacher.

Over the last 20 years Lucy has spent her time devoted to training, travelling, and exploring and working with different spiritual, holistic, wellbeing and personal development practices. Lucy believes in the transformational and healing benefits of these practices and is committed to supporting people on their journey towards healing, personal growth and transformation. Lucy is devoted to creating space for people to explore areas in their lives where they are feeling challenged and are longing for meaningful connections. Lucy supports those who may be experiencing emotional difficulties, feeling unsupported, and isolated, or trying to find meaning, direction and purpose in their lives.

As a transformative coach, Lucy provides a safe confidential space for people to talk and work through difficulties and challenges. Lucy also provides energy healing treatments to assist clients with releasing energy blocks, and private yoga for physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Using her drum made in sacred ceremony Lucy teaches people how to shamanic journey and offers drum healing sessions.

Lucy clients’ report that after attending sessions with her, they feel more connected, happier, at ease, supported, and fulfilled in their lives. Lucy also creates spaces for group exploration of topics in the field of personal development, wellbeing, energy healing, consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. Lucy has witnessed how when people come together in a supportive space and engage with thought-provoking discussions and practices, deep and powerful transformative experiences occur.

Lucy has a professional background in managing projects and events. Lucy now offers her event management services for others working in the wellbeing, spiritual, therapeutic and personal development world.​

Coaching and healing come naturally to Lucy. Her grandfather was a native doctor, herbalist, healer and positive coach in his time. He was revered in his community for his innate ability to heal people where modern medicine failed. With his passing the community said “a great oak tree has fallen.” Lucy likes to think his energy is with me.

Lucy holds the following qualifications: MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, BA Hons Informal Education, Transformative Coaching Diploma, BTEC Mentoring, Reiki Master, Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher, Culinary Nutritionist, Yoga Bugs Teacher, ITEC Indian Head Massage, ITEC Holistic Massage.

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