Madeleine Botet de Lacaze (She/Her)

Astrology for Artists


This is the core of my work. I believe in an astrology that liberates, that opens up possibilities for life experiences and that cultivates fluidity and resilience. With ​Astrology for Artists​ I want people to connect with their creativity, the inner self that makes our hearts beat strong and confident. I want people to connect with their nature and by doing so encourage a more loving relationship with the self.

Our life is our most important creative journey, and the more we know ourselves the more freedom we have to choose who we want to be. Creativity can be beautiful but also painful, as it’s the process of becoming who we are. Creativity connects us with our hopes, beliefs, feelings, fears, wounds and from that place we grow in acceptance and forgiveness.

Our soul, our deepest source of life, is pure creativity and tapping into our being can transform our experience of life. I often ask people – how creative are you in combining your energies to fully express your potential? Astrology is a language that from the beginning spoke to my soul and allowed me to believe in myself, to trust my steps. Astrology helped me put the pieces of my broken self together, from that constant process of self-discovery. I want to reach out to you all and communicate this language that can guide you in the hardest of times, bringing calm through understanding the bigger picture that the sky reveals.

I’m an Argentine-born artist and astrologer based in London. My performance work is interdisciplinary – working at the intersection of performance, queer theory and astrological insight to address identity, belonging and presence. I’ve performed internationally at festivals such as ​Spill, In Between Time, Buzzcut, Sacred, Performatorium​ and ​Steakhouse Live.​ I’ve also worked with artists such as Marina Abramovic at the Serpentine Gallery​,​Ron Athey at ​Fierce Festival​ and have been mentored by Franko B, Ron Athey, and Tim Etchells who I’m currently assisting.

I created ​Astrology for Artists​ five years ago. I studied astrology at CASA 11 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and also at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Integrating my two passions, art and astrology, enabled me to communicate and reflect upon what makes us creative and what makes us feel alive. Through ​Astrology for Artists​ I now create unique creative experiences: workshops, retreats, classes, one to one readings and mentoring.Offerings:

  • Workshops & classes
  • Retreats
  • Gatherings
  • One-to-one readings
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking
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