Mary Jude Bojor (She/Her)

Facilitator of inner growth & holistic energy healer

Mary Jude is a holistic energy healer, intuitive, and group facilitator of inner growth and is passionate about helping people step beyond their own conscious and unconscious limitations to enhance day to day personal and professional living.

Previously working full-time in a corporate career, Mary Jude now uses a combination of her intuitive, analytical, and spiritual abilities to help facilitate holistic growth. After overcoming many personal challenges throughout her life, Mary Jude was called to focus on her awakened path and spiritual deepening which led Mary Ann to train in several healing modalities and to share her work.

We are now living in a world where people are opening to embody a more conscious way of life and lead from an expanded space of personal awareness and connection to our innate spiritual nature. The essence of healing is to bring inner embodiment of our truer nature, to let go of the old layers and to come into deeper alignment”

As a certified practitioner in Theta healing, Access Consciousness, Precious Wisdom and Reiki Master healing modalities Mary Jude specialises in helping people thrive beyond limiting subconscious patterns by promoting emotional healing, integrated awareness, and growth to feel more harmonized and supported.

Services – Personal Healing sessions and bespoke packages are available (online and face to face).

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