Minal Bhanshali (She/Her)

Priestess of Sacred Alchemy, Keeper of Sound Medicine, Soul Embodiment Guide & Tantric Ritual Facilitator

As a trained Vedanta yoga teacher and meditation guide Minal curates sacred ceremonies that honour the five elements to alchemise the human experience to altered states with the use of subtle energies. As a global citizen from a lineage of deeply spiritual tradition, and a lifelong practice of nature based spirituality rooted in multi-cultural customs, it is her dharma to guide others to a state of remembrance, to journey within and reconnect to the innate essence of bliss, peace and joy that we each hold within us.

A Keeper of Sound Medicine, Minal holds singing circles, Kirtan, and sound healing sessions, working in harmony with both Western and classical Indian musical systems, alongside sonic sound instruments.

Through Intuit Soul Salon (@intuitsoulsalon) Minal holds space for the collective remembrance of our true essence, enabling transformative healing, insight and self-mastery. Offering 1:1 Soul Embodiment Work alongside group containers, her intention is to serve the collection ascension to higher dimensions.

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