Mira Khanya (She/Her)

Movement Medicine

Mira is a Movement Medicine Teacher and intuitively weaves from the rich tapestry of her experience as a dancer, therapist and artist.

She offers beautifully crafted and immersive dance meditations, held with captivating music and clear guidance. A safe and supportive space for you to drop into the intelligence of your moving body and connect to the transformative power of the dance.

A way to release, replenish and expand into a greater sense of inner balance. Movement Medicine is a practice which directs our awareness to our movement, thoughts and feelings, supporting us to get more in touch with who we really are. It opens the way to deep internal reflection and invites us on a journey of personal empowerment, relationship with community and connection with the creative life force within and around us.

In Movement Medicine’s lineage are practices such as 5Rhythms, Shamanism, Gestalt Psychotherapy, and Constellations.

Mira teaches regular Movement Medicine classes in London and offers workshops, ceremonies and bespoke events. She travels nationally and internationally to share her passion for this approach.

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