Moksha Wellbeing (She/Her)

Colour Therapy, Reiki & Sound

Moksha Wellbeing is a Leeds based platform founded by Reiki Master Baljinder Bharaj.

With a background in fashion and interior print design, Baljinder has recently embarked on a new found healing path that incorporates all her passions and talents in one collective space.‘Moksha’ in Sanskrit means be free, let go, release & liberate.

Moksha Wellbeing offers 1:1 Reiki and Sound healing sessions, 1:1 Colour therapy sessions and a range of bespoke mix and match treatments.

Additionally, I work collaboratively with other like-minded individuals to co-create workshops and projects that connect Reiki, Colour, Sound, Wellbeing and Creativity.

My aim is to create a safe and nurturing space that enhances: positivity, healing, wellbeing, self-expression, freedom and inspires individuality.

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