Moon Onyx Starr (She/ Her)

Wellbeing & Manifesting Expert

Moon Onyx Starr is a Wellbeing & Manifesting Expert based in London who has dedicated her life to helping people along their spiritual and self-development journeys.

Moon’s greatest manifestation has been finding her purpose in life which is to empower people to tap into their limitless potential and connect with their true selves.

She creates safe spaces through her online membership, retreats and workshops, where people can work on their personal and spiritual development while being supported by others who are also on a journey of self-discovery.

Her membership allows you to be part of a supportive community and features live Zoom Manifesting Masterclasses, a private group where you can interact with Moon & our members, daily angel messages, weekly challenges, resources, additional wellbeing workshops and occasional meet-ups, exclusive discounts and more.

Moon has worked with luxury skincare, fashion and activewear brands to create unique Wellbeing experiences for their VIP customers or Media. She can do a Manifesting Masterclass at your event or can organise a bespoke retreat to launch your latest products to the press, influencers & VIP customers.

She also creates bespoke Corporate Retreats to help teams revive & reconnect, catering for all employee needs – from physical, to mental to spiritual.

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