Natalie C Morrison (She/Her)

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Founder of As We Live & Breathe, Eco-Wellbeing

Natalie C Morrison is a yoga and meditation teacher, environmental activist, writer, and co-founder of the eco-wellbeing events company As We Live & Breathe.

Natalie’s mission is to inspire radical, loving action. Through her work, she shares practices and ways of living which help us to fully realise our innate capacity to thrive and to care. This helps us to transition towards a more beautiful world from the inside out.

Natalie turned to teaching after having reached a point in her corporate career at which she’d achieved the success she’d wanted and realised she was still really unsatisfied. She set out to discover how to live a life of authentic service in tune with the deeper meaning of her life. Through yoga, meditation, sound and nature-based practices, Natalie helps us to cultivate self-awareness, resiliency, and our ability to engage with the challenges and opportunities of our modern times.

She blends this with insights from her work as an activist to help us discover an authentic, deeply sane, and meaningful sense of wellbeing, grounded in an inherently world-based outlook, and to become catalysts for change. Natalie trained with the late zen Master Michael Stone, Shiva Rae, and continues to deepen her own learning through advanced training in tantra yoga with Sianna Sherman and Christopher Wallis, as well as sound yoga with Leo Cosendai, and eco-psychology. Natalie writes and speaks about eco-wellbeing, mindfulness, and moving towards regenerative cultures based on care and respect for all beings.

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