Nevita Tulsiani (She/Her)

Philosophy Teacher, Youth Mentor, Singer, Songwriter & Vedic Voice Healer

Nevita did her Bachelor of Arts in Music in South Africa and then went on to study Vedic philosophy in India for three years.

Currently living in London, Nevita is now sharing her musical gift with the world through sessions that incorporate the shruti, healing vocal tones, and devotional music that carry the great philosophical truths of ancient India. As her vocal tones melt into the sounds of her instrument, she invites all those who feel the call, to open their hearts and minds to the truth within.

Vedic Voice Healing

Healing sounds produced by the harmony of shruti and voice. The shruti is an ancient Indian instrument used in classical Indian music. As the warm tones of the shruti open your heart, Nevita will take you on a journey through subtle Indian and western vocal notes and vibrations that will allow you to de-stress, unwind, connect to your light within and heal.

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