Olivia B.M. Panella (She/Her)

Founder of UMA GAIA: Haven For Alignment

Olivia is a compassionate conduit; a holistic health practitioner; carrying over 15 years in the healing arts in addition to her innate gifts from birth.

She focuses on energy healing but is grounded in the real world. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Leader, QuartzCrystal Sound Healer, and Therapeutic Grade Crystal Healer and has training in additional alternative/ancient healing modalities. The pillars of her work are grounded in compassion, unconditional love, gratitude, and humility – Olivia curates multiple vibrational therapies to clear-out, harmonize and purify the Chakra system (inner and outer electromagnetic fields).

Her practice is centred around offering her students the tools and guidance to becoming their own healers through the power of integration and life practices – Everything is already inside of us. Olivia focuses on guiding and coaching those to let go of the denser energies and experiences; bringing forth the light within and creating the loving, joyful life that we all are worthy of. Olivia’s community is inter-national, she leads retreats, offers certifications and training, works with one-on-one clients, brings mind body spirit awareness to the corporate world and curates workshops.

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