Oshunseyi Music (She/Her)

Singer, Songwriter and Sound Healer

Singing was and has always been a joy for Seyi since childhood.

A trip to the Sinai desert, Egypt over 18 years ago changed her life when she discovered sound as medicine taught to Seyi for the next 10 years by the Bedouin.

Working as a professional session artist within the mainstream music industry and as a holistic therapist, Seyi continued to travel (Africa, India, Europe, Turtle island) and learn from many traditional elders all-encompassing the use of sound as medicine.

Seyi offers a live musical experience of original acoustic songs played on guitar alongside the mbira(African thumb piano),Himalayan singing bowl and Koshi chimes.Her debut album ‘Your Colours’ is an acoustic collection of songs recorded in the beautiful Andalucian Mountains and nearby oceans and is devoted to our great mother earth.’Golden Soul’ released in Nov 2020 is a studio album in honour of the divine and the divine masculine.

Seyi offers inspirational soul sound sessions to either accompany an evening gathering as a backdrop of melody to create relaxing vibes or as a main event.

Seyi also offers group sound healing sessions which incorporate guided relaxation followed by a unique soundscape using her instruments and voice creating a harmonising space of relaxation and rejuvenation. Acoustic music inspired by Mother Earth and Father sky for events, ceremonies, circles and retreats.

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