Rachael Welford (She/Her)

Wellbeing expert

Rachael Welford helps city dwellers clear stress, anxiety and overwhelm to live the life they dream of.

She’s a wellbeing expert who will help you to find time and space to quieten your mind, clear emotional and energetic blocks, so you can get on and move towards a happier, more balanced you.

Rachael knows and understands from personal experience of burn out and mental health issues that there can be simple solutions to combat stress and anxiety. In just five short years she has managed to turn her life around from complete burn out to wellbeing business owner and can show you how to live your dreams too.

She is passionate about helping you with your mental and spiritual growth so you can feel clear and confident.

You don’t need to be depressed or anxious to benefit from releasing stress and overwhelm. So why not join the Clear Revolution and learn how to clear stress, overwhelm, emotional and mental blocks and transform your life in fun and empowering ways.

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