Robert Grey (They/Them)

Spiritual Practitioner & Reiki Master

Robert (they/them) is a trans-non-binary spiritual practitioner dedicated to healing for individuals and communities.

A practicing Reiki Master, Robert has 15 years of experience across meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, plant medicine, energy work and healing. They believe in empowering people with tools and understandings from these practices in support of sustainable change. This transfer of wisdom is grounded within great reverence for the particular lineages and traditions that continue to inform their work.

Robert’s offering is intersectional, inclusive and trauma-informed; something they consider a key part of their own continual development. Working with people of all backgrounds, Robert believes in especially providing safe and accessible healing for members of the LGBTQIA + community.

They offer 1:1 distance and in-person sessions, alongside workshops and events open to the public.

Their practice is based in London, UK.

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