Sabio Janiak (He/Him)

Multi-disciplinary holistic wellness practitioner

Sabio Janiak – multi-disciplinary holistic wellness practitioner, polymath, multi-instrumentalist, cellular resonance therapist, sound and spiritual healer, laughter yoga leader, voice coach, educator on the science of vibration and founder of Mastering Harmony – Holistic Vibrational Medicine.

Mastering Harmony is a platform providing transformational mind-body tools to help us restore our original balanced state of wellness, inner peace and harmony to our everyday lives.

MH‘s aim is to provide simple applications to balance two main aspects of our earthly existence: mental(mind) and physical(body). By harmonising these two aspects of ourselves is crucial for re-connecting to our true, limitless potential as a fully balanced human being.Restoring this most-important aspect of ourselves will help us to smoothly and peacefully navigate our personal space, and to achieve harmony and balance in every moment of our existence.Synchronisation and understanding are the keys to knowledge, and knowledge is power.By desiring harmony, you will balance your life. By becoming harmony, you can change the world.

MH programs are the result of many years of investigation into different disciplines such as vibrational therapy, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, psychosensory therapy, laughter yoga, breathwork, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, movement therapy, quantum physics, Qi Gong, breath work, the science of fasting, spiritual sciences, sound healing, and body detoxification.

MH service provides laughter session, sound journeys, voice analysis,  finding your “home frequency” session,  voice coaching, holistic Mastering Harmony workshops and conscious live improvised music journeys. All of those tools will give you instant results, providing you with simple shortcuts to being truly well.

Join the path of freedom and conscious living, where harmony and balance is your natural way of being.

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