Sara Shakti Love (She/Her)

Intuitive Healer

Sara is a true Empath and is a gifted intuitive healer. She has been connected to Spirit since she was a child and always felt the calling to use her gifts to help people heal and connect deeper to their soul and inner being.

Sara is a qualified and skilled Hypnotherapist and helps people to reprogram their subconscious mind and weave transformation into their mindset.  Sara is passionate about subconscious mind reprogramming

She removes limiting beliefs,  programs and energetic blocks,  she then assists her clients with installing new programs and beliefs so they can then manifest and live the life of their dreams .

Sara also offers a very unique form of Past Life Regression that enables channelled guidance from your Higher Self to answer any questions you may have.

Soul Healing is Sara’s purpose and she is here to serve it .

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