Sarah aka Dr Energy Flow (She/Her)

Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher, Energy Guide, Intuitive music creator, Clairsentient

Sarah has created something very special and truly unique.

Using a masterful combination of Intuition and technique, her practice not only heals but truly transcends. Sarah has a dedicated passion to heal beyond measure. Fused with an innate and inborn ability to read people’s energy and to creatively guide them into breaking through.

This gift is delivered by a sensational dance that combines: sound, smells, touch, vibration, light language and traditional Reiki. A sonic orchestra for the senses that unfolds and coaxes your energy along with it.

Sarah’s ‘1:1 sessions’ are somewhat like speechless therapy where you feel held, heard,  encouraged to go with the flow. Her group ‘themed activations’ take you on a soundscape soul journey where dormant wisdom is activated, your greatness celebrated end epiphanies liberated.

Not your typical reiki …

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