Sarita Cameron (She/Her)

Shamanic Practitioner

Sarita is a shamanic practitioner trained in the ancient ways of ‘The Lyceum’, a feminine tradition rooted in healing and seership, working with allies of the honey bee and the serpent. Her calling is to enlighten others that true healing and empowerment come from sovereign and authentic connection to self, the earth, and source consciousness. Her aim is to share her knowledge and evolution over the last 30 years so that others can benefit from the infinite magic of self-evolution and the inner, inherent wisdom that is their birthright.

She holds sacred space to allow people to have access to their own healing energy and teaches tools and practices that are easily integrated into everyday lives so that each can fully embody the truth of who they are: connecting to the divine matrix, mastering ones mind, elevating consciousness and transcending conditioned states of a lower frequency.

She is a meditation teacher specializing in heart centred alignment and quantum based manifesting techniques allowing reality and matter to become malleable.  Her channelled meditations facilitate others to merge with the unified field and the source of all creation and are inspired by the ever-emerging science of quantum physics, psychoenergetics and epigenetics.

She also facilitates sacred ceremonies for men and women wishing to explore the nature of the universe and experience their own healing.She runs SolHenge Retreat Center in Aquitaine, France and has more recently taken her teachings out into the world via YouTube on which she has a growing following of thousands of people experiencing profound states of being through her teachings.

She offers one to one mentoring and healing sessions and meditation classes either in person or distantly via zoom.

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