Sophie Bickerstaff (She/Her)

Therapeutic Tarot Practitioner

Sophie has a grounded psychological approach to Tarot.  Using the rich visual stimulus of the cards as a self-awareness tool, she directs imagination towards the potential of your own life story.

She passionately believes her job is not to tell you what to do but to guide you through the imaginative world of the cards, asking questions to engage your intuition and discernment.

Tarots characters, symbols, and images prompt reflections, helping us to verbalise our experiences. Forming a story onto which we project our own. In times of change Tarot can help us explore creative solutions to our problems and bring our mental, emotional, and physical worlds in to balance.

Sophie works 1:1 with clients and runs creative Tarot and Storytelling workshops, she is currently studying psychodynamic counselling at Goldsmiths.

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