Tansy Alexandra (She/Her)

Meditation Guide, Tarot Reader and Teacher and Holistic Counsellor

Tansy has been involved in the healing and holistic therapies for over ten years, and has been meditating and card reading since she was a child.

Her greatest desire is to be a healing guide for others’ and to show the profound richness of meditation, symbols and journey work in helping to bring balance, harmony, peace and happiness into our lives.

Her offerings include meditation teaching, holistic counselling, spiritual guidance, reiki and tarot card readingTansy works with everyone individually and intuitively; nourishing ‘you’ and your journey and empowering you to step into your light. Spirit is within us all, trust is within us all, love is within us all… we sometimes just need to remember. To remember and to release fear.

Experience is our greatest teacher, others’ are our greatest mirrors, trauma can provide our greatest lessons, and words carry weight and the work of others’ can be an eternal source of wisdom. We are never alone. When you open yourself up to healing and self-realisation, it’s not only you who begins to heal and change, the World does too.

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