Tero Goldenhill (He/Him)

Tarot, Tai Chi & Qigong, and Art Therapy

Tero Goldenhill is a Jungian Tarot Reader and Teacher

Tero has been doing readings since 1990, helping people from all walks of life to navigate better through uncertain times. He is also a private scholar and author. Tero has been teaching tarot both in the UK and abroad, and has a solid international clientele. Having been born and grown up in Finland, in his early childhood Tero spent many years living in Iraq, where he was exposed to a global community. This sparked a lifelong interest in other people and cultures.

Before fully committing himself to consciousness evolution, Tero used to work as a nurse in neurosurgery intensive care in Helsinki for 11 years. He also holds a degree in nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and LogoArt, which is a combination of Steinerian art therapy and Viktor Frankl’s psychotherapy. An avid fan of C. G. Jung, Tero has been studying Analytical Psychology independently since the mid 90s. While still living in Finland, he began learning Tai Chi and Qigong. This inspired him to relocate to Wudang Mountains, China, focusing on these internal arts in depth. Tero loves to teach both 1:1 and groups, and has been working with clients from all walks of life, including community centres and corporate clients.

Although quite different at a glance, Tero says Tarot and Tai Chi are not that different, deep down: “Both of these tools allow you to recalibrate yourself into here and now, and realign yourself with your Self. This, in turn, will enable you to make better choices about your life and health. Tarot shows you what might need adjustment in your life and how to best do this; Tai Chi and Qigong give you the tools how to put this into practice.”

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