Thou Alone – Hayley Ku’unani (She/They)

Artist, Intuitive and Sound Healing Practitioner

“Thou Alone most powerful, Thou Alone most full”

Harnessing the power of sound, the stars and the subconscious for self-empowerment.

Thou Alone is created by Interdisciplinary Artist, Intuitive and Sound Healing Practitioner Hayley Ku’unani.

Born, bred and based in London: Thou Alone reclaims personal power through the esoteric arts by demystifying and re-contextualising ancient concepts to apply to modern life.

This ranges from Blackout Poetry, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot & Oracle reading as well as the relationship to music and sound as a form of energy healing.

Thou Alone offers 1:1 sessions and workshops both virtually and in person.

Thou Alone represents strengthening the relationship with ourselves to strive for interdependence.

This is about cultivating self-awareness and acknowledging the impact on an individual, collective and epigenetic scale.

Thou Alone also represents pro-actively working towards decolonising and dismantling oppressive social constructs collectively through the power of one.

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