Tor Njamo (He/Him)

Intuitive, psychic tarot reader and healer

Tor is an intuitive, psychic tarot reader and healer.

He offers:
– 1:1 Tarot Reading, In-person (London) & virtual
– 1:1 Healing (Energy Healing & Crystal Healing), In-person (London) & virtual
– Intuition Development Circle, In-person (London) & Virtual

Tor’s journey with the Spiritual realm already began when he was six when his clairvoyant grandmother first introduced him to meditation and his initial Spirit Guide. At the time, he was going through a difficult time, and he believes that becoming more connected to his spirit guide helped him overcome several challenges. Since 2013 he has taken part in a Psychic Development Circle, and he now co-hosts a podcast called Spiritual Link with his Spiritual Teacher, Ines Nicholson.

He also regularly hosts an Intuitive Development Circle, a safe space for people to cultivate their intuitive, psychic and healing abilities. The circle includes a guided meditation and divination exercises that create a way for people to connect with their spiritual self, intuition, past lives and Spirit Guides.

He believes that by creating spaces where Spirit can come closer to us, we will, as a result, live more fulfilling lives, regardless of our path of life.

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