Verka (She/Her) and Rob (He/Him)

Tantra Massage coaching and workshops

People love the energy, laughter and connection that this pair of trainers exemplify. They share a deep engagement with higher Spirit, and God/Goddess energy.

‘The Art of Tantric Massage’ workshops are regularly run in central London. People may attend as a step on their personal healing journey or to learn new techniques. Attendee’s in these gender balanced events are both singles and couples.

Verka and Rob are master’s of sensual touch. They aim to help practitioners to transmute eroticism into a cosmic state of personal awareness.

Rob and Verka have received training from renowned Tantric teachers. They both have many years of practice in massage. They are regular practitioners of yoga and meditation.

Verka is drama school trained and has appeared in film, television and the Arts. Verka has featured on Louie Spence’s Showbusiness reality TV show and in the 2008 feature film, Bigga than Ben. She is a professional model. Verka is a member of a School of Tantra.

Rob works as a complementary therapist, providing massage, reflexology, energy healing and crystal therapy.

‘Explore Multi-Orgasmic Energy!’ a further workshop run by Verka and Rob, introduces people to the human energy field. In this no-touch, clothed workshop, couples learn to empower erotic energies in each other and to open chakras, with an aim to experience blissful orgasmic states of being.

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