Vicky Paul (She/Her)

Intuitive Energy Artist

We are all colourful spiritual beings, vibrating at different frequencies, shining our unique light onto each other and the world around us.”

Vicky Paul is an intuitive abstract artist able to sense and work with energy. Her paintings are what she calls “visual portals” that speak to your soul. They are conceptual, intuitive, abstract and mixed media. Vicky focusses on spirituality, consciousness and chromology, sharing the secrets of the unseen world and the beauty in the seen world. It is through a deeply meditative practise that she channels Universal energy to create art that invokes a physical, emotional and spiritual response, based on the viewers own perceptions and personal experiences. Using texture, layers and spontaneous mark making, to reflect the complexity of human beings, Vicky’s paintings not only change the energy of the space they inhabit, they encourage you to explore beyond your five senses to the truth of who you are.

Vicky also creates Soul Energy Portraits, a visual reflection of your higher self. They are a co-creative process that reconnect you with the energy of your soul, to awaken your gifts, talents and goals and release the stories/blockages that may be holding you back from your passion, purpose and potential. They are a visual tool to help you connect with what your soul is calling you towards. Session are done remotely.

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