Victoria Zimmer (She/Her)

Founder and facilitator of ‘Love Life' retreats

Victoria is an internationally recognised Tantra Yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance eRYT500, Yoga Alliance continued education provider (YACEP)mindfulness and meditation trainer for London Wellness Academy, and wellness program developer for One Spa World, international retreat facilitator, author of online courses and mystic.

She has been in the wellness industry for nearly 2 decades and has trained hundreds of clients on the best ways to improve their health following programs customized to their lifestyle. Victoria has up-skilled thousands of personal trainers on how to use a holistic approach when training their clients, and has shared her understanding of mindfulness and yoga philosophy integration with countless yoga and meditation teachers as part of mindful living courses for LWA. Her journey to wellness has taken her from martial arts to personal training, from CrossFit to Hatha and Tantra yoga. Victoria’s love for exploration of the World and a persistent desire to learn has taken her around the globe from Russia to North America to South America and to Asia and Africa, to make sure she exposed herself to various approaches to mindful living.

In the summer of 2019 she led her first day retreat in the UK which proved to be what was needed at a time and she was overwhelmed by wonderful feedback from the attendees. Later that year “Love Life Retreats” was born.

Victoria thoroughly enjoys bringing people together to support and empower one another through yoga practice, deepening connections through sharing and holding a space for each other, to immerse in beautiful natural surroundings and to balance physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

2020 has been a tragic year for so many around the world, yet it also has become a turning point for growth and finding a path of liberation for others. During that time Victoria has discovered sacred geometry and immersed herself into studying it for over two years now. It has given her many fascinating tools for balance, self discovery, understanding, and expansion on so many levels. She looks forward to every opportunity to share this knowledge of yantra and mandala drawings. It is the Art of Meditation that allows you to express yourself freely, and to learn so much about your thoughts and various conditioning of the mind.

She promises you that after working with her and following her authentic guidance you will notice immediate changes on physical and spiritual levels. Better quality sleep, lowered stress levels, balanced nervous and endocrine systems, which means calmer and more peaceful you. On a spiritual level you will become happier and in love with life and every aspect of it, which means more joyful and grateful you.

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