Vikki Oriah (She/Her)

Tantric Breathwork Facilitator | Embodiment Coach | Temple Priestess

Vikki Oriah is a passionate, sensual, holistic Tantra Coach & Temple Priestess.

She teaches tantra in personal coaching sessions, group workshops and retreats (tantra is an ancient practice that unites sexuality with spirituality).She has been on a journey that took her from disconnection and body shame to inner peace and unconditional self love. Originally trained as a Neuroscientist, she decided to take an alternative path to heal her relationship to her body, mind and sexuality.

After years studying Eastern spirituality, tantra and conscious sexuality in Asia, including at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), she’s now teaching others the benefits of these powerful practices.

She’s committed to helping people unlock their spiritual potential, improve their sex lives and live wildly happy, deeply connected, fulfilling lives!

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