White Light Healing (She/Her)

Healer and space holder

Jacqueline works with metatronic energy, shamanism, wiccan, lunar and sound practices. She has spent a great deal of time in the Amazon and the Sacred Valley studying under her maestras and shamans, and living with a shipibo tribe deep in the jungle.

She loves to draw upon these varied sources to select the appropriate rituals and combine them to create her own unique form of healing.

The majority of her 1-1 work is metatronic – she has been following Archangel Metatron for 7 years and has studied with two different metatronic schools in the UK.

The combination of Metatron with shamanism is unique. She spent many years trying to decide which path to follow before taking the unusual decision to continue with both. She has now completed 40 metatronic attunements and 6 years of studying plant medicine and shamanic healing.

For Jacqueline, the combination of very high frequency angelic energy (metatronic) with earth energies and ancient rituals (shamanism) is accessing your higher self both above and below which she finds to be beautifully complementary.

Jacqueline has been holding moon ceremonies for around 5 years and it is one of her favourite practices. She has a profound connection to the moon.

Her moon ceremonies are a combination of meditation, intention setting and wiccan moon rituals. She has studied the art of despachos from the Andean tribes of the Sacred Valley and often includes them in moon rituals. These beautiful offerings are gifts to Pachamama containing symbolic natural ingredients like flowers, seeds, cacao and feathers.

Jacqueline frequently works together with sound healer Amanda Jane Chapelle (soundtouchchange.com) Amanda’s knowledge and talent with gongs, bowls and chimes complements Jacqueline’s singing of icaros – ancient healing songs in the shamanic languages from the Amazon.

Jacqueline has the ability to adjust every healing to the client so she/he is completely comfortable and the experience is both suitable and accessible for them.

She loves to work with people who are very new to healing as she feels it should be for everybody.

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