Zahra Elaf (She/Her)

Intuitive Welling Artist, Therapist, Mentor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Zahra Elaf is an Intuitive wellbeing therapist, Mentor and Yoga and Meditation teacher that has qualified in Reiki, Sound Energy, Yoga and Meditation.

Zahra started her spiritual healing journey when both herself and her mother were diagnosed with Cancer. Zahra studied health and nutrition at the School of Homeopathic medicine (CNM) and was so curious to learn more about the mind, body and soul as she experienced such a traumatic experience with her family history of Cancer. As a curious being she dived into learning more about the mind, body and soul in great depth and went into studying topics such as: Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, NLP, Philosophy, CBT and Self Mastery.

She had a calling to travel to the ancestral mother land of Egypt where she also discovered the history of the country and explored it. There after, she travelled to Bali to a yoga retreat and studied more about Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy and continued this journey to study more about Philosophy at the School of Philosophy and Economic Science. Zahra shares a wealth of healing and Physic abilities to help heal and mentor people whom are stressed, experiencing burn outs, confused, need a routine and a path to follow to transform an area of their lifestyle, home or health to connect with their source and overall wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual element.

Zahra’s background is in Real Estate and Relocation (Sales, Marketing & Events) Graduate from the University of the Arts a passionate creative artist that loves everything related to spaces, interiors and energy. Zahra has worked for some credible brands such as: The Berkeley Group, The Crown Estate (Regent Street Home), Armani Casa Home and Four Seasons Residences, London managing various projects to promote the Residential project to different target audiences by organising events and building exceptional relationships to rent/sell the Residences.

Services provided:

  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Sound Massage and Sound Baths
  • Yoga and Meditation classes/workshops/events
  • Wellbeing Mentoring sessions and workshops
  • Interiors, Home-staging, Feng Shui, Real Estate (Rental, Purchase, Relocation
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