Zena Hitchin (She/Her)

Intuitive healer and Quantum particle artist

Zena is a natural, intuitive healer and quantum particle artist, passionate about helping others on their journey of self-discovery, awakening and well-being.

She was drawn to the spiritual dimension from a young age, questioning life and searching for a deeper reality but it was her awakening in the Mexican rainforest in 2004 that was truly life-changing, as she merged with consciousness, becoming one with all that is.

This insight into the nature of reality inspired Zena to begin her journey as an artist and an intuitive healer.In 2007, Zena met her spiritual teacher, Amma ‘the hugging saint’ (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi), who has become her constant guiding light and source of inspiration on the path of love.Zena’s offerings include 1-1 sessions in-person or online, events, groups and retreats.

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