How Womb Healing Could Change The World.


Stephanie Victorie speaks to Florence Morris, Cosmic Sex Witch, on the role of healing the collective feminine and reconnecting with the sacredness of women.

Type #wombhealing into Instagram, and there you are met with a seemingly endless scroll of empowered women, beckoning us all to heed the call of the Wild Feminine, the Embodied Woman, the Power of the Goddess within. The embodied woman appears to stand strong in her unrelenting sexuality. She dances sensually against the wind, shaking from her hips all that has oppressed her before – she is in complete charge of her own expression. She is adorned with crystals and gold to show us that she is a sacred temple, and that we can be sacred temples too.

We who identify as women, we who possess the space of a womb within us, want this – of course we do – to feel like her, to be an enchantress like her, to be in complete ownership of our femininity, our bodies and our powerful, magical yonis. Those who intentionally walk this path of womb space healing often refer to it as their “awakening”; a term spread so broadly across the spectrum of spirituality, it has become a collective and global movement.

“All these women waking up at the same time has a real healing effect on us all,” says Florence Morris, a “Cosmic Sex Witch” from South East London, also known as @Florenceisblessed on Instagram.

What first struck me about Florence when I discovered her, was that she stood out from the pack in how relatable and down to earth she is.

Stripped down, humorous and completely herself, it is obvious in her cheeky smile and infectious giggly-nature that this is authentically who she is: a powerful, wise woman who lightens up the world with laughter, encouragement, morale and a bright spirit. She makes the idea of us reconnecting with our sacredness as women, less intimidating and overwhelming through her stories; speaking to us as if we are her old friends.

When I first heard about sacred sexuality and womb space healing, I knew I was in much need of bringing it into my own life and meeting myself there, where I am most suppressed. Because the healing effect of women reawakening to their bodies, their sexuality, spirituality and creativity, is collectively working on undoing the global, historical hurts of the past for all women in general.

Going through my own personal unpicking of how the past has caused blocks within me, I Googled away for an hour or two to learn exactly what yoni eggs are, and explored further other sacred sexuality practices I’d heard of, but hadn’t fully grasped as a practice. And like many of the women researching this for the first time, I closed down the laptop with a sudden concern that I was further away from my own body as a woman than I originally thought. And I was feeling somewhat inferior to those who have dived deep into this work and now embody this potent (and very ancient) magic.


I asked Florence how she got into this work and how she holds space for women much like myself, who have felt intimidated, and at times, silly for struggling to connect with embodying their sacred feminine. This work requires not only a light, friendly and relatable approach as a guide, mentor or teacher, it also takes mindfulness, compassion and sensitivity to every type of yoni-owning person and every possible situation they may currently be experiencing.

“I was numb sexually from pretty much birth to twenty-three,” she tells me. “I had a long-term relationship with my first partner but I was a party girl and was all about wanting to expand, expand, expand! Externally I was living an all-confident and powerful life, but internally, I was totally disconnected. I was so horrible to myself in how I looked, my body shape, my waist, my face – I thought I was so ugly, I couldn’t see who I was.”

Florence then found something called the Jade Egg, with which after one practice, she experienced her first-ever orgasm with her current partner, now of six years. She makes sure to note, however, that this may not be the same case for every woman, but Florence certainly took it as her own divine doorway into this work. Training with a Sex, Love and Relationships coach in Los Angeles and Mexico, she gained her year long education and experience, which also led her into Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and other spiritual practices like Tarot reading, which she inherited from her aunt. She beautifully describes the journey as going from a “wounded feminine to being whole.”

Collectively, we are all aware by now that women have had their voices stunted and shutdown throughout history, to the point of serious damage in our psyches, but the most common result on an individual level, is the disconnection from our voice and therefore our bodies, for Florence, the womb space and the throat are intrinsically linked. I was fascinated as she shared the knowledge that the vocal cords and the muscles within the pelvic floor are identical.

“When I work with women, the hardest thing to get them to do is sounding. It’s challenging for them to drop into the sound of pleasure, and they’ll restrict themselves at first, but it’s the deepest tool to get to that space. The womb has a consciousness and she wants to speak.” She goes onto explain that she had suppressed her voice for so long, feeling self-conscious of her deep tones and “masculine-sounding voice”, until she allowed herself to sound out pleasure.

So how do we move through the vulnerability in order to show up to this work and find the right facilitator for us? How do we scroll through Instagram, go down the rabbit hole of women and websites to find courses and a teacher who won’t make us feel inferior? How do we stop the voice that says, “I don’t look like her.” Florence agrees that this can be problematic – seeing a certain image to aspire to in these photos and videos. “It makes it hard to get people in the door, but this work is accessible to everybody.”  I vocalised my concern to Florence as a fellow healer, woman and consumer, that the women appearing on social media as ‘embodied’ creates the misconception that how they look (flat stomachs, long willowing limbs, mermaid-flowing hair and temple-style clothing) is the end goal.

“It’s not always light, love, rainbows, unicorns, orgasms and pussy vibes!” She exclaims in response, “It is, and can be, but there’s also all that stuff underneath. You’re dealing with people’s mental health, you’re dealing with their lives, and their heart. And they’re bearing things to you that they haven’t told a soul. I don’t want anyone to show up feeling like they don’t fit. I want everyone to feel connected to themselves – that they don’t have to cut pieces of themselves off to be there.”

Florence and I agree that womb healing and sacred sexuality work is a beautiful journey to embark upon, especially for those who have felt silenced, or have silenced themselves, and/or have experienced non-acceptance and are seeking to feel at home in their bodies; to feel the confidence and the freedom to express themselves. But we also agree that the most common portrayal of this ‘sex goddess’ image online flares up another earth-long problem, and that is the wounding of sisterhood, which either causes us to judge others or to experience being judged ourselves. Florence powerfully describes this as the “Internal Patriarchy at work.”

“Women united with women is absolutely unstoppable, even life-changing. But women against women, so easily takes them out of their power.” She assures me that one of the deepest wounds that heals with this work, is the sisterhood wound. But she goes on to explain that it is hard to quantify this work beforehand, because it is down to the person feeling the experience, the confidence is built along the journey itself, but it must be delivered in realistic ways.

Following a practice of yoni egg work, breath and coaching, Florence simplifies the journey to suit day-to-day life for her clients. “People have jobs to go to, rent and bills to pay – who’s got time for the faff?”

“I live in an ex-council block in South East, I can’t hide that and I wouldn’t want to,” she says with cheerful integrity, “80-90%” of people live ordinary daily lives and they want to be able to access something deeper and much richer, and come out of the prison of the past and mind. I show up with no airs and graces, sometimes I’m feeling more vulnerable. I am a woman, so I am a cyclical being so I understand that I flow where I’m at. I want to show up in that space that all of a woman is welcome, because I know what it’s like to sever pieces of yourself into shame.”

So how do we occupy this space with realness? How do we support the women out there who are still feeling the damaging emotions of comparison every time they scroll through those sacred feminine hash tags? We need to see radical honesty in our teachers, guides and facilitators, “the truth of what it’s like to be in the trenches of healing your sexuality,” Florence adds.My wish for all women seeking womb space healing and those offering it, is to meet each other in the realities of this work. I wish to see more women stripped down and bare – perhaps sat on their sofa in their pyjamas with no make up on, without any props or filters, sharing with us their stories of how they healed their bodies and their hearts. I wish for women to know that just because they don’t look like Aphrodite incarnate, that doesn’t mean they are not in touch with their femininity.

I want women to know that their trauma can be held with much gentleness, confidentiality, respect and understanding and that just because they haven’t done this work before, that does not mean that they have not yet evolved. And from meeting Florence Morris, I certainly know that to be seen and held in such a truthful way exists.

Florence Morris is a Cosmic Sex Witch based in South East London. Specialising in & in service to the spiritual & sexual healing of Women, she takes you on a journey of reclamation, revolution & liberation through your body, mind & soul.”

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