Human Design: Releasing Conditioning And Living In Alignment With Your True Nature


A look at Aura Types, Energy Centres and Inner Authority with Francesca Camporeale.

Brought to life by a ‘reluctant mystic’ named Ra Uru Ha in the 1980s, Human Design kept a fairly low profile as a modality until recent years.  Now, you don’t have to scroll too far into the caverns of Instagram to be met by a torrent of human design tagged, confusingly contradictory advice… Which can make you wonder what it’s really based on and how to make sense of it.

Human Design shines a light on where in life you’re prone to conditioning, your authentic strategy for relating, and how you ought to be making choices, big and small, to live in your truth.

If you want to get a handle on Human Design, what it’s all about and how it can serve you in your life, learning to interpret the basics of your chart is the best place to start.

What is Human Design?

Astrology, the Chakra system, Kabbalah, the I-Ching and quantum physics… Each of these disciplines is complete and complex, and yet Human Design integrates the five, presenting you with your individual energetic blueprint.

How did one human download millennia worth of esoteric knowledge, and convert it into one comprehensive modality? The question of Human Design’s origin is one cloaked in mysticism and often tainted by scepticism.  FKA Robert Alan Krakower, Ra was a Canadian man homeless in Ibiza in the 80s, when he had a spiritual experience lasting 8 days and nights.

During this experience, Ra was led by a voice to an abandoned hut containing just the books he needed to complete the work. He was told this system would be instrumental in helping humans make radical evolutionary shifts in consciousness.

Conditioning in Human Design

We are born knowing ourselves, but living in society masks that sense of self with layers upon layers of conditioning. Gradually, we lose touch with our inner truth and learn to seek outward solutions to our problems and answers to our questions, instead of looking in.

What beliefs have you absorbed from the collective? Are they serving you on your path to an authentic life? Your design helps you see where you need the collective’s energy and input, and where you’re better off listening in for guidance.

‘With Human Design you learn to leverage your energy correctly to avoid becoming overwhelmed, despairing and burnt out. Human Design shows you how you understand and ‘know’ things, and teaches you how to honour and express your feelings so you are never a victim of emotional pain and suffering again.’ Karen Curry

The 5 Aura Types

The common foundations of our energetic blueprint are the aura, or energy types, onto which every other aspect of our personal design adds another level of individuality.

Energy Centres

The energy centres form a circuit around your body graph. Where they connect by defined (coloured in) channels is where your energy flows freely, whereas energy centres that are totally isolated without any connecting channels are open/undefined (white, not coloured in on the chart), and areas where you are most open to external influence.

Defined Energy Centres

Defined centres are where energy flows consistently for you. While your defined centres are your source of power in a lot of ways, they also create a filter, the lens through which you perceive your reality, which can create limitations.

Take a look at the energy centres on your graph that are defined – these will likely be areas of life where you feel most confident. If that’s not the case, it’s usually because of conditioning. Perhaps you’ve always been taught to second guess yourself and follow what’s rational – while your spleen is defined, meaning a strong innate connection to your intuition.

Seeing what centres are defined can be the affirmation you need to start trusting senses you might have learnt to shut down. It can also show you something about any unconscious bias which you may be perceiving others by.

Open/Undefined Energy Centres

These are the areas of life where you are most fluid, open to influence and taking in energy. What makes a centre open is its lack of connection (via the gates channels – lines between centres) to other centres. This disconnect means instability, as there’s no consistent energy flow here. Your open centres are where external energy flows in to fill the gaps, and where you’re susceptible to conditioning.

Looking at your open centres can uncover areas of lingering insecurity, and yet there can be peace and acceptance through this new awareness. For instance, you learn your identity centre (G Centre) is undefined, and you make peace with the fact that you’re impressionable when around those with strong identity (i.e a defined G Centre). There can be a sense of sweet surrender too: you can stop chasing the solid identity you’ve been conditioned to think you need. Where we have open centres we have vulnerability, fluidity, and a lot of possibility.

NB some schools of Human Design differentiate between open and undefined centres (not coloured in, but with some coloured, activated gates). This could be something worth reading up on, going through on your chart with a finer comb.

‘One of the greatest sources of pain in life is the disconnect between the self you perceive yourself to be and the authentic self. The greater the distance between the two, the more discordance and pain there is.’ Karen Curry

Inner Authority

Finally, getting to know your inner authority is your best tool for living by your own unique truth. Whenever you feel stuck in life, overwhelmed by your environment, or unable to put your strategy into practice to make a decision, tuning into this energy centre is how you can come back into alignment.

Your inner authority is where your personal, innate sense of knowing resides. Learning to tune into your inner authority and to understand its subtle energy will lead you to uncovering patterns of conditioning that you have been living by. You’ll start to observe what it feels like when you’re not listening to that inner source of wisdom. This can be a valuable practice, a way of checking in to see how aligned you are with your truth.

There are many, many more facets to your Human Design that we haven’t touched on here. Your profile for instance, which presents you with your personal role in society, both the conscious and unconscious. Then there are the unique traits of each of the channels between your gates, and what it means when those are defined. And there’s your incarnation cross, which is like an overarching karmic, mystical theme for you in this lifetime.

Hopefully you’re now inspired to dig further into Human Design and unlock more of its wisdom. Knowing and understanding the basics outlined here, however, can be enough to support you in shaking off conditioned ways and living more aligned with your true nature.

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