OM Sound Bath by Third Ear x Otherness Launches


OM was conceptualized by artist Leo Cosendai(HarperCollins, Third Ear), and co-created with Alex Holbrook, founder of Otherness.

OM is the first and only wellness destination purely dedicated to sound bath meditations. Each OM experience takes place in a‘half cocoon half space shuttle’ with the UK’s biggest gongs – think power plate meets savasana – designed for up to 4 attendees at a time. Each session is hosted by a pair of the UK’s finest sound healers (one by your head and one by your feet), trained by Leo Cosendai and co-curated by Alex Holbrook from Otherness.

OM launched on World Mental Health Day, Monday October 10th, at The Other House in South Kensington: your home away from home.

“Meditation hasn’t really evolved over the last millenia, but stress has. In my experience,using standard meditation to handle today’s world is like using a paper mapwhen driving abroad.” Leo Cosendai

What Does It Do?

– Effortless: meditation done for you through sound vibrations with the UK’s biggest gongs in a sound cave

– Inclusive: no physical fitness, ability or knowledge is required

– Efficient: short experiences worth hours of meditation, because who has the time these days?

– Round the clock: open 7 days a week and supplemented with take-away vibrations from the Third Ear app

Why Was It Created?

– Meditation hasn’t really evolved over the last millenia, but stress has. It is time to re-think how we meditate

– Mental health has deteriorated since 2020, our intention is to give Londoners and visitors access to what has helped us so much

– It’s been a dream for a long time and after years of sound bathing, we knew a space specifically made for sound baths (no noise pollution, next-generation equipment, etc) is missing here in London

– It will help us conduct scientific studies, experiment with new ideas, and create a family-like community.

 “OM wants to not only give Londoners a way to easily unwind and release but to also grow a community of those who see things differently. OM celebrates and welcomes those who believe that each of us has an inner being that needs to be nourished just as much as our bodies and minds.” Alex Holbrook

Who Is Behind Om?

Leo Cosendai – @instagram-–

Is a Swiss sound artist known for sensory experiences that question human perspective. He has worked with Fondation Beyeler, Royal Academy of Arts, London Design Festival, and Pace Gallery. He is also the founder of the app Third Ear, the Harpercollins author of 7 Days ofSound Meditation, and a sound bath instructor trainer.

Alex Holbrook – @instagram-

Alex Holbrook is head of Wellbeing at TheOther House and founder of Otherness, the original platform, space and community for wellbeing and self discovery journeys. It is her mission to democratise the ‘other’ and enable anyone to discover self-healing and enrichment practices, no matter their background or how they identify.

The Other House – @instagram –

The Other House is tearing up the rule book and launching a new sector of Residents Clubs, redefining the hospitality market. It effortlessly combines apartment-style living with hotel services ontap and superb club facilities.

Think pied-à-terre meets private club, available for all residents to enjoy with no membership required. It is cool, intriguing,bold and committed to sustainability. Whether it’s for a day or a year, it is your other house for as long as you are in town.

OM is supported by Tone Of Life, who make Hand Crafted Gongs, Instruments & Accessories for Sound Therapists. A number of years ago, Tom Soltron and Johannes Heimrath joined forces to create not only captivating looking but, above all, amazing sounding gongs. The great sound quality of these powerful instruments was and still is the overriding goal of their creation. Our desire is to bring the experience of the sound of the Gongs beyond what one can see, and into the great potential that lies beneath the surface, because the true value of a great Gong is not determined by its appearance, but by the sound. Through years of experience, continuous development, daring vision, open hearts and co-operation between the creators, Tone Of Life Gongs are reaching the hearts of people all over the world. Today our Gongs can be found in every corner of the globe, where they resonate with incredible power!

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