Cacao and Connection with Kasia Gwilliam, Stay Wild

Cacao and Connection with Kasia Gwilliam, Stay Wild
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Join Kasia from wherever you are for a sacred ceremony of connection. Relax, surrender and release as you’re led on a journey with cacao, a sacred plant medicine and teacher. Open a channel to the wisdom of your heart as you’re invited to connect to yourself with vulnerability, honesty and love.

In this session expect ritual, meditation and the power of intention setting. Coupled with the wisdom of the Spirit of Cacao, receive the guidance to listen in and set intentions in alignment with your heart’s deepest truths.

Allow the unconscious to become conscious, as you’re led on a journey with this gentle plant medicine, allowing your heart to open and mind to quieten, to hear the wisdom that already lies within you.

Often referred to as the ‘Food of the Gods’, cacao is a ceremonial medicine that has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties and intelligence.

Kasia will invite you to dive deep and open up wide, receiving the wisdom and guidance of this teacher plant, whilst finding stillness in the moment, and connection with ourselves.

Cacao is a safe and gentle plant medicine, however if you are taking SSRI medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a heart condition please consult your GP before drinking.

Filmed at The Mandrake Hotel, London.

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Kasia Gwilliam
Sacred Medicine Practitioner
Kasia is a dedicated practitioner and student of sacred medicine, spirit and the human condition, weaving her interests and gifts relating to matters of the spiritual and the tangible in order to provide impactful and healing sessions.

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