Guided Soothing Meditation from The Original FX Mayr

Guided Soothing Meditation from The Original FX Mayr
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We are very proud to introduce this special meditation from The Original FX Mayr, to mark World Mental Health Day 2020.

This short seated meditation, led by Daniel one of the team at the iconic health centre, is set to the backdrop of the banks of the crystal blue waters of Lake W├Ârthesee in Austria, where the centre is situated.

During these soothing guided 15 minutes, you will deepen your awareness and state of relaxation by harnessing attention to breath and working to your own time and rhythm. We invite you to tune in, bliss out and immerse yourself within the natural world of this session.

The Original FX Mayr opened in 1976 as the world’s first place to offer the Mayr Cure and still remains the purest interpretation of the Mayr cure available today. The health benefits of the Mayr cure have been well documented, from increased energy, immunity and vitality, natural weight loss and improved mood and brain function. It also helps to achieve a lightness in the gut through fasting and conscious abstinence. Guests become more aware of their body and enjoy greater overall balance and health.

The team of experienced doctors and therapists create a totally individual cure programme, which holistically combines medical treatment, nutrition, exercise and awareness training. Not only for the duration of the cure, but beyond to ensure sustained success.

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