Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying
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Shamanic practice is the modern extension of indigenous spiritualities that once encompassed our world.

Join Shamanic Practitioner Eddy Elsey for a very special Shamanic dreaming ceremony.

Our ancestors understood that our reality is one of an infinite number of possible realities and that in this modern world we limit ourselves if we don’t learn to step beyond it. Through Shamanic Dreaming we can enter a trance state and make contact with parts of ourselves hidden from our daily lives. We can connect with our shadow, lift up our darkness, embrace our light and converse with the spirit world.

Through the use of Shamanic practice, we can form direct relationships with our own spiritual allies and aspects of ourselves that can guide us to a higher consciousness. It is through the tried and tested, millennia old, use of Shamanic tradition that we can begin to heal that which we have been told we cannot.

In this session Eddy will guide guests on a journey back to themselves. No previous spiritual experience is required. Lay down, tune in and dream to the ancient sounds of the drum, the harp and more.

Filmed at The Mandrake Hotel, London.

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