Sound Healing at SANGHA Retreat by Octave Institute

Sound Healing at SANGHA Retreat by Octave Institute
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Ease the uncertainty of today’s world with this sound healing session focusing on mindfulness and harmony. Different healing bowls are used to vibrate at different frequencies, to help guide the body and mind into a state of relaxation.

SANGHA Retreat is a holistic health and wellness sanctuary located in Suzhou, China. Part of the OCTAVE Institute, the 47-acre lakeside retreat is in the business of health and transformation – to help people awaken to be the best version of themselves and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. With a focus on raising consciousness, it has been created for the need of our time. Sangha means community in Sanskrit and the offering is so much more than a traditional resort or spa.

At SANGHA, the sound healing dome is built from Tibetan scales together with a top dome that has an opening very much like the top chakra on our head. A platform, used for energy practices such as tachi, yoga and qigong lies in the middle of the dome, epitomising the importance of energy flow. The platform faces the east and draws universal energy into the dome where meditators can experience deep energetic penetration into self for alignment and healing.

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