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Abi Adams (She/Her)

Movement Coach and Holistic Therapist


Soil Education & Regeneration

Aisha Paris Smith (She/Her)

Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist & Life Coach

Alex de Angelis (She/Her)

Energy Healer & Witch

Alexandra Wenman (She/Her)

Awakener, Alchemist & Author

Alexandria Marie (She/Her)

Transformational Coach

Amanda Jane Chappell (She/Her)

Sound Therapist & Holistic Practitioner

Amy (She/Her)

Female Empowerer, Sacred Space Holder, Goddess of Love + Sexuality

Amy Houldey (She/Her)

Coach, writer, podcaster, mother and freelancer

Andréa Ararê

Shamanic Healer, Divine Feminine Priestess and Ceremony Space Holder

Angie Litvinoff

Mentor, Ceremonialist and Modern Day Medicine Woman

Ania (She/Her)

Movement & Yoga

Anja David (She/Her)

Intuitive Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner

Artur Paulins (He/Him)

Cold therapy, breathwork and yoga

Belinda Aloisio (She/Her)

Transformational Intuitive Life Coach, Rapid Energy Healing & Hypnotherapy

Belinda Matwali (She/Her)

Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide

Bella Ava (She/Her)

Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Empath & Intuit

Beloved Sara Zaltash (She/They)

Astrologer & Spiritual Practitioner

Bree Melanson (She/Her)

Psychic, Speaker and Teacher

Brighitta Moser-Clark (She/Her)

Reiki master and intuitive guide

Carolyn Cowan (She/Her)

Kundalini Yoga teacher and Psychosexual Therapist

Catherine Turner (She/Her)

Meditation guide/mentor

Charlie Morley (He/Him)

Lucid Dreaming Teacher

Charlotte Austin (She/Her)

Behavioural Therapist & Shamanic inspired practitioner

Cherabella (She/Her)

Pioneering sound artist and master of high frequency

Cherry Tree Way (She/Her)

Seasonal Living Workshops & Events

Chloe Pierre (She/Her)

Founder of Thy Self

Christian Eldershaw (He/Him)

Holistic Estate Agent

Claira Fernandez (She/Her)

Spiritual Healer & Yoga Nidra

Clarissa Lenherr (She/Her)

Nutritional Therapist

Consciously Connected Travel

Travel & Wellbeing Curation

Dana Mayer (She/Her)

Energy healing, shamanic methods, psychology and tarot

Danny Clifton (He/Him)

Transformational Animas Life Coach

David Tran (He/Him)

Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Founder of The Bow Bungalow

Deborah Rose/ Ayurveda Mamma (She/Her)

Ayurveda Women's Health Guide & Birth Doula

Desiree Diaz (She/Her)

Energy Healer, Witch, Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Healing & Women Circle Facilitator

Dirish Shaktidas (He/Him)

Meditation teacher & Yoga Dance

Donna Ryan (She/Her)

The Facial Goddess

Dora De Almeida Prado (She/Her)

Wellbeing and Spirituality

Dr Heather McKee (She/Her)

Lifestyle behaviour change specialist & Habit Coach

Dr Monique Charles (She/Her)

Cardologer & Sound Therapist

Eddy Elsey (He/Him)

Shamanic Practitioner and founder of Street Spirituality

Effie Dower (She/Her)

Women's empowerment

Eleanor O’Leary (She/Her)

Brand Consultant, Writer & Astrologer

Elle Bower Johnston (She/Her)

Breathwork, Embodiment, Rest

Elliss (They/He)

Astrologer & Energy Reader

Emerald x Tiger (She/Her)

Intuitive Wellbeing Mentor & Reiki

Emily Rose Croucher (She/Her)

Nutritional Therapist & Mindfulness practitioner

Ez Dyer (She/Her)

Mindful skincare

Faidah Lawal (She/Her)

Astrologer & Intuitive Channel

Federica Ferro (She/Her)

Breathwork Coach and Intuitive Healer

Felicity Weston (She/Her)

Energy Healer & Teacher, Sacred Ritual Facilitator & Movement Medicine Guide

Fiongal Greenlaw (He/Him)

Tarot Reader, Psychic and Healer

Francesca Blechner (She/Her)

Breathwork facilitator, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

Francesca Raffa (She/ Her)

Feminine Freedom Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Channeller & Embodiment Guide

Francesca Secolonovo (She/Her)

Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapist and Wellness Facilitator

Fred Butler (She/Her)

Spectral Floetry

Gemma Petherbridge (She/Her)

Crystal Expert, Soul Purpose Coach and Intuition teacher

Giap Sayor (She/Her)

Conscious Kink & Sexuality Guide

Giselle La Pompe-Moore (She/Her)

Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Trauma Sensitive Meditation & Reiki Master

Goddess Space (She/Her)

Divine feminine, sacred ceremony

Grace Hazel (She/Her)

Women’s Healing and Sexuality Witch/Mentor

Hana Elrais (She/Her)

Grief & Loss Space holder + Sound Meditation facilitator

Hannah Goodman (She/Her)

Breathwork and Grounding

Harriet Emily (She/Her)

Sound Healing Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Cook

Hayley Morgan (She/Her)

Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist

Hayley Ray (She/Her)

Nutrition Health Coach

Head & Hands (She/Her)

Slow Craft School

Helen Morris (She/Her)

Wellness Marketing

Hema Vyas (She/Her)

Psychologist, Speaker & Spiritual Mentor

Iman Mabrouk (She/Her)

Womxn’s Circle Facilitator, Sekhem Energy Master & Spiritual Mentor

IO Project (She/Her)

Sound Mediation Practitioner

Isik Tiabar (She/Her)

Breathwork facilitator & Transformational coach

Jade Shaw (She/Her)

Astral Projection

Jaha Browne (She/Her)

Reiki, Sekhem & Sound Healing

Jan (Navanath Sriyuksiri) (She/Her)

Sound Alchemy practitioner, Reiki Master and Intuitive healer

Jayna Cavendish (She/Her)

Sound & Movement Healer

Jenni Whale (She/Her)

Mind and Wellbeing Coach and Breathwork Teacher

Jennifer Wallis (She/Her)

Reiki Master & Energy Healer

Jessica Francis (She/Her)

Artist, Energy Healer & Sacred Massage

Jessie Mallock (She/Her)

Shaman & Medicine Woman

Jo Miller (She/Her)

Trauma Somatic Healing

Joanna Lewins (She/Her)

Reiki Teacher, Wataflow Therapist & Musician

Josephine McGrail (She/Her)

Josephine McGrail (She/Her)

Josie Danielle (She/Her)

Intuitive Energy Healing, Sound Healing & Womb Healing

Jules Devitto (She/Her)

Transformative Coaching & Holistic Therapy

Kate Magic (She/Her)

Raw food workshops & catering, women's circles, cacao ceremonies

Kate Taylor (She/Her)

Life design and empowerment coach

Katie Abbott (She/Her)

Founder of Pause Place

Keri Perkins (She/Her)

Founder of We Are Boogie Sound & Yogi

Kristin Taylor (She/Her)

Angel Expert, Channel, Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Lani Rocillo (She/Her)

Energy Medicine, Sound Alchemy & Shamanic Practice

Laura Cherry (She/Her)

Rising Soul Dance

Lauren Lovatt (She/Her)

Plant-Based Chef and Entrepreneur

Lauren Raby (She/Her)

Sound Healer, Curator and founder

Leila Sadeghee (She/Her)

Healer, ritualist, yoga & meditation teacher and priestess

Leticia Armengod

Bioneuroemotion consultant and master Energy Healer

Ling Mann (She/Her)

Yoga Teacher, Trainer, Therapeutic Massage & Sound Healer

Liver Happy Life (She/Her)

Founder of House Of Wisdom & Wellness Therapist

LiYing Lim (She/Her)

Cha Doa ceremony facilitator and healer

Liz Vincent (She/Her)

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapy

Loan Tran (She/Her)

Hakomi Therapist

Loren Pocsai (She/Her)

Therapist and founder of Temple of Self

Lorraine Flaherty (She/Her)

Transformational Therapist and Pioneer of Inner Freedom Therapy

Lucia Formis (She/Her)

Psychic intuitive three dimensional healer

Lucy Porter (She/Her)

Priestess of Magdalene, Karmic Astrologer, Shamanic Practitioner, Student of Tantra and Teacher of The Tarot

Lucy Sam (She/Her)

Energy Healer, Transformative Coach & Private Yoga Teacher

Lydia Johnson (She/Her)

Hypnotherapist & EFT practitioner, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach

Marilyn Fontaine (She/Her)

Creative Life Coach, Workshop Leader and Mixed-Media Artist

Martin Petrus (He/Him)

Breathwork, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Freediver

Mary Jude Bojor (She/Her)

Facilitator of inner growth & holistic energy healer

Mays Al-Ali (She/Her)

Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader

Michael Peters (He/Him)

Men’s Self Development

Minal Bhanshali (She/Her)

Priestess of Sacred Alchemy, Keeper of Sound Medicine, Soul Embodiment Guide & Tantric Ritual Facilitator

Mira Khanya (She/Her)

Movement Medicine

Moksha Wellbeing (She/Her)

Colour Therapy, Reiki & Sound

Molly Chinner (She/Her)

Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer & Cacao Alchemist

Monica Ruiz (She/Her)

Mindfulness & Leadership Coach, Sound Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Moon Bedeaux (She/Her)

Cook & Movement Coach

Moon Onyx Starr (She/ Her)

Wellbeing & Manifesting Expert

Natalie C Morrison (She/Her)

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Founder of As We Live & Breathe, Eco-Wellbeing

Natasha Broady (She/ Her)

Breath, Reiki & Mindset Coach

Neil Seligman (He/Him)

Mindfulness Advocate and Conscious Visionary

Nevita Tulsiani (She/Her)

Philosophy Teacher, Youth Mentor, Singer, Songwriter & Vedic Voice Healer

Nina Thistlethwaite (She/Her)

Spiritual Wellbeing Mentor

Nymph of Neptune (She/Her)

Astrologer & intuitive tarot card reader

Octavia Christina (She/Her)

Human Design, Breathwork & Meditation teacher

Olivia B.M. Panella (She/Her)

Founder of UMA GAIA: Haven For Alignment

Olivia Howitt (She/Her)

Reiki Master Sound Therapist

Oshunseyi Music (She/Her)

Singer, Songwriter and Sound Healer

Pei Chan (She/Her)

Breathwork & Rapid Transformational Therapy facilitator

Pippa Garlick (She/Her)

Counsellor and Soul Plan Practitioner

Rebecca Dennis (She/Her)

Founder of Breathing Tree

Rebecca Moore (She/Her)

Breathwork, Creator, Intuitist

Renee Stewart (She/ Her)

Breath, Yoga & Movement

Robert Grey (They/Them)

Spiritual Practitioner & Reiki Master

Romy Zapata (She/Her)

Multidimensional Business Mentor, Wealth Channel & Soul Activator

Rose Bonham Carter (She/Her)

Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Coach & EFT Facilitator

Sabio Janiak (He/Him)

Multi-disciplinary holistic wellness practitioner

Sam Wysock-Wright (He/Him)

Vedic Meditation Teacher

Sarah aka Dr Energy Flow (She/Her)

Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher, Energy Guide, Intuitive music creator, Clairsentient

Sarah Jane (She/Her)

Medium, Tarot and Palmistry

Sarita Cameron (She/Her)

Shamanic Practitioner

Sharon Aneja (She/Her)

Positive Psychology Coach and Wellbeing Consultant

Simon Baker (He/Him)

Craniosacral Therapy

Simone Salvatici (He/Him)

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and Sound Therapist

Sonja Shah-Williams BSc (Hons) APA (She/Her)

Ayurveda Practitioner & Founder of Anāla

Sophie Bickerstaff (She/Her)

Therapeutic Tarot Practitioner

Star Spiritual (She/Her)

Reiki & Energy Healer

Stephanie Victoire (She/Her)

Channel, Intuitive & Energy healer

Stuart Sandeman (He/Him)

Breathwork and Coaching

Tansy Alexandra (She/Her)

Meditation Guide, Tarot Reader and Teacher and Holistic Counsellor

Tero Goldenhill (He/Him)

Tarot, Tai Chi & Qigong, and Art Therapy

Tessa Guy (She/Her)

Self-Transformation Guide & Founder Of In Mind In Body

Thou Alone – Hayley Ku’unani (She/They)

Artist, Intuitive and Sound Healing Practitioner

Tor Njamo (He/Him)

Intuitive, psychic tarot reader and healer

Tracie Storey (She/Her)

Colour & movement therapy, Restorative vibrational sound healing

Tree Carr (She/Her)

Conscious Dreaming Guide, Death Doula, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Author

Trish Whelan (She/Her)

Meditation, Sound & Retreat Curator

Verka (She/Her) and Rob (He/Him)

Tantra Massage coaching and workshops

Vicky Paul (She/Her)

Intuitive Energy Artist

Victoria Zimmer (She/Her)

Founder and facilitator of ‘Love Life' retreats

Vikki Oriah (She/Her)

Tantric Breathwork Facilitator | Embodiment Coach | Temple Priestess

White Light Healing (She/Her)

Healer and space holder

Xochi Balfour (She/Her)

Guide and naturopathic nutritional therapist

Zahra Elaf (She/Her)

Intuitive Welling Artist, Therapist, Mentor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Zena Hitchin (She/Her)

Intuitive healer and Quantum particle artist

Zoë Elizabeth (She/Her)

Remote Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology
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