Wellbeing 101: Working with the moon


Since the dawn of civilization, humans have always felt connected to the moon. While the sun is seen as sustaining our very life, the moon can influence how we live it. This little rock (just over a quarter of the Earth’s size) was created when our young planet was crashed into by an object, smashing off a piece. Despite its smaller size, the moon quietly pulls Earth’s strings, dictating our tides, how we track time, and even animal behaviour. The Latin for Moon has given birth to lunatic words due to its effects on people when full.

Over the last millennia, our ancestors have told stories, created rituals and used the moon to dictate key seasonal dates, especially around the full moon. This little cratered planet has woven herself into the very fabric of our human way of life.

Working with the moon

In ancient cultures, the moon has always been worshipped for its rhythm and monthly phases; no matter if we can see the moon or not, she is still there, watching and guiding us.

For Indigenous North Americans, ‘Grandmother Moon’ was so named as they believed the divine feminine representation. The moon cycle is roughly the same length as a woman’s menstrual cycle and so-referred to as their moontime, and being seen as a sacred gift.

The moon is seen as being connected with the emotional body in astrology; one that brings joy and fulfilment, reflecting how we feel about ourselves and how we respond in situations. This feminine planet represents our inner world, and deep patterns of thinking and feeling, the deep unconsciousness.

“Honouring the moon reconnects us with the Earth’s rhythms and our own natural cycles. When we are in sync with nature, it is easier to listen to ourselves — which is critical to building a life that actually works for us.” Shelly Burton

Moon rituals are both ancient and sacred practices, being honoured across the world, it is thought that they originated in the East, with records from Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China. Each of the moon phases influences our natural world; from the growth of plants and birth of animals to the spawning of the ocean’s creatures.

Moon tarot cards

In our modern world, moon rituals are a beautiful way to bring sacredness into your spiritual practice, to reconnect to the Earth, something we think is hugely important in these digital overload days.

There are 8 phases of the moon, but the most potent is seen as the new moon and the full moon.

And while there are 8 phases of the moon, the most potent phases are seen as the new moon and the full moon. Here we outline some more information on each.

The Moon Chart

The New Moon

This is the first phase in the cycle; the new moon is seen as a hidden gift from the universe (as it is barely visible). On this day, the sun and moon align; the yang (masculine) sun’s energy merges with the moon’s yin (feminine) essence.

Because of its newness, this is the representation of a clean slate and new beginning. This is the time for manifestation and planting seeds for your life! Every month, the moon gives us an extra boost of intention setting, whether aware or not, you may find yourself starting projects, setting goals and changing things in your life during this phase.

We find rituals on the evening of the new moon to be the easiest for us to follow. As it is the darkest night of the cycle, light a candle to signify bringing in more light and begin your practice. Whether you write down what you would like to achieve, create a vision board or meditate on your thoughts, sit and imagine what it would feel like to bring these intentions to life. It is also the perfect time to think of changing your life, which feels stale, to breath new energy into something that feels tired.

This New Moon Manifestation meditation is the perfect session to guide you.

The waxing crescent

The days after the new moon are there to anchor and ground the intentions you set, take action. Think of the one thing that you want to make a reality during this lunar cycle; as the moon grows, so should your manifestation.

Practise affirmations, write the intention out clearly and read it each morning and evening to yourself out loud. Embrace action and determination.

The first quarter moon

During this phase, the sun and moon are square to each other, allowing you to see issues that have arisen since the new moon and your intention setting. This is a time of momentum, to look at the challenges you currently face and decide how to proceed.

Work methodically through issues and pay attention to the process, as this is your teacher.

The waxing gibbous moon

The days before the full moon begins to feel high energy, the moon’s light starts to illuminate and give perspective. Things should begin to feel more aligned, so it is time for you to start pushing your energy higher.

Take significant steps in your manifestation, chase it with your whole heart and soul.

The full moon

This is a phase of fullness, of things completing and coming full circle. Nourishment is the gift during this time, as the moon welcomes the suns light to reflect back to us and offering full illumination; the moon is a fully charged battery, beaming you her cosmic power!

This energy is a time of peak creativity and intuitive breakthroughs; accentuating everything you’ve been working towards, embody your intention.

This high octane energy can also make us feel a little wild, harness this energy and where possible, go outside to bask in the moonlight. Offer a note of gratitude to the universe and check back on your new moon intentions.

Our Full Moon Meditation manifestation session is the perfect accompaniment to this phase.

The waning gibbous moon

In the days following the full moon, you must use this time to define what you need to release. It is a time of reflecting on what is blocking you from your intentions. Look at where you might be spending too much energy and meditate on any bumps in the road.

Write what you think may be holding you back on a piece of paper and burn it, whilst imaging it being released, just as the flame dissipates your block.

The waning quarter moon

Now the moon is beginning her return to darkness. As the light leaves the sky, this is a time to go within yourself and ask for heart-driven guidance.

Commit to yourself during these days, seek out ways that will offer you a way to listen to your inner voice to direct you; our inner voice is never wrong, we just might not choose to listen to it sometimes!

The waning crescent moon

This is the phase of surrender, the last moon of the cycle; a time of surrender and reflection on the whole lunar cycle. What have you learned? What has and happened to you during these weeks? Go back to your new moon intentions and evaluate whether these past weeks have worked to achieve this.

This is a time to think of what you want to call in for the new moon, how to reorganize and reset. Learn from mistakes and journal, meditate or spend time in deep thought.

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